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Press Release




Christel & Arndt BroennleDie von der Reiseagentur ECUADOR FOR ALL angebotene Reise mit den Schwerpunkten Amazonastiefland, Hochland (Anden) und Galápagos-Inseln war zuerst ein Wagnis. Jedoch die gute Organisation und die persönlichen Hilfestellungen an jedem Ort und bei allen Aktivitäten machten diese Reise zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis. Sie (die Reise) ist für Behinderte durchaus empfehlenswert.


Christel & Arndt Broennle


A person, in my condition, of ALS progressive deterioration of muscles, should be confined to bed, waiting for finale, DEATH. But

All my life, I had a dream, to go to Galapagos Islands, where DARWIN ’s mind got pregnant with the idea of EVOLUYION, to me.

My son knew about my huge, inconceivable dream, he found ‘EQUADOR FOR ALL’ Company, that made my impossible dream come TRUE, a ‘Cinema Veritee’

We flew to beautiful Equador, where I witnessed cathedrals, to me as important as ‘Notre Dame’ in Paris , ‘ LA COMPANIA CHURCH’ , all miniatures, carved walls, covered with gold, being artist, I was elated with this ancient monument. I was being pushed on wheelchair, throughout the important sites, that are ignored by the civilized world. We stayed 1 memorable day

Next day 4 strong men carried me to the plane, which took us to my dream islands, where I had visual orgasms of animals, huge tortoises, sea lions, different birds from finches to storks, 300 year old trees, awesome views of sea, sunset, nature, ALL THESE, being carried on a special wheelchair by 2 young, strong, loving and caring men.

My dream came true because of this ‘Equador for All’ caring family like super company.

Seeroon Yeretzian


Dear Juan,
I wanted to thank you and Equador for All, once again, for making my mother's dream come true. My mother's ultimate dream in life was to go to the Galapagos. I grew up listening to her wish. However, it was always only a dream. We never thought that she'd ever go. After my father passed away more than 2 years ago, my mother slowly became sick. Eventually, about a year ago, they diagnosed her with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). We were devastated. She became weaker over the months to the point of losing her mobility and speech. I wanted to make her life wish come true but I didn't know if it would be possible in her condition. After finding you on the website, we took a chance, and took her along. We never thought that it would be one of the most increadible trips of our lives.

You and your staff are so professional and kind and helpful. You knew, better than us, how to handle my mother and her wheelchair. You were all very gentle and careful. Our trip was worth every penny plus more. I still can't believe how we were able to transport my mother from plane to plane, cars and taxis, boats and special wheelchairs. With your specially designed mobility wheelchairs, we were able to take my mother on difficult trails, over rocks and boulders, to beautiful beaches and, most importantly for my mother, to the special animals such as the turtles, iguanas, sea lions, etc. Also, with the boat, we took her to amazing islands and sites such as Kicker Rock and the Sea Lion Island, where we saw frigades, blue-footed boobies, sharks, rays, and many types of fish.

The hotels were very accessible and comfortable. All of the restaurants were able to offer alternative foods for her to be able to eat. Although the streets and sidewalks aren't perfect, the staff was very careful in maneuviering the wheelchair to go everywhere safely.

I'd recommend this trip to anybody, even if they don't have any mobility issues. Life is so different on the islands and it's worth it to see. We are also very excited now to try travelling to the other locations that Equador for All will offer.

Thanks again Juan for everything that you did. Congratulations and bravo to you for creating this wonderful company for people like my mom. A few months ago, our friends and family thought that we were crazy for taking my mother on this trip. They didn't think that it would be possible. Now that we did it, they are in disbelief and are trully impressed and inspired. I have included a few pictures for you.

Much success,

Arno Yeretzian


We wanted to go somewhere interesting for our honeymoon and so we googled accessible travel in South America. We had many concerns about traveling in South America as people with disabilities, but Juan was a total professional. He made sure our needs were met and that we were never uncomfortable with any situation. Juan personally made sure our hotel rooms were accessible and he even traveled with his own bath chair and hand-held shower head. The tour was an amazing experience. We went to the Amazon, the Andes and the Galapagos Islands. I would go again and would recommend Ecuador For All to anyone interested in seeing this beautiful country.

Kory and John Macy


hallo leute! wir hatten eine 10-tägige reise mit 'ecuador for all' gebucht und wurden nicht enttäuscht. es ist eine seriöse firma die stehts versucht, das beste zu geben. wir durften unzählige highlights zählen: wenn ecuador, dann 'ecuador for all'

Renato Probst, Switzerland

Die Reise war wunderbar und ist wirklich zu empfehlen. Auch die herzlichen Leute sind nicht zu vergessen und gehören zu der sehr gelungenen Reise dazu. Das abwechslungsreiche Klima und die Natur sind so eindrücklich dass man diesen Eindruck auch auf den Fotos noch spürt.

Isabelle Bittel, Switzerland


Hugs, Audrey and NickJuan, we want to thank you for the wonderful Ecuador Coast trip you organized for us. Your thoughtfulness and attention to our needs were above and beyond our expectations. And we thank you for your patience when we changed the itinerary a bit.

We enjoyed meeting all the people you introduced us to and who made us feel welcome in your country. Please also thank Daniel for his helpfulness during our trip.

We will certainly highly recommend EcuadorForAll to anyone thinking of taking a trip to Ecuador. You're the best!!

Hugs, Audrey and Nick

Audrey Schoellhorn

  • Contacts très humains et solidaires, gentillesse de toute l’équipe ainsi que la population.
  • Personnes très dévoués
  • Le voyage est organisé et adapté aux personnes accueillies. Une attention toute particulière a été réfléchie pour un confort de l’ensemble des groupes. Les responsables sont très attentionnés.
  • L’ensemble des personnes qui nous ont suivis ont toutes été agréables, disponibles et souriantes. L’organisation on générale a été parfaite et réfléchie. Peu de choses ont été laissées au hasard.
  • Merci beaucoup pour ce voyage, fut inoubliable grâce à vous.
  • Séjour inoubliable, bien organisé, chaleureux.
  • Circuit inoubliable grâce a toute votre équipe


Bob and Bea HuskeyWe really enjoyed our trip to Ecuador. We enjoyed the scenery, the food, and the people we met. Juan and Pablo were wonderful tour guides and very helpful in seeing that our trip was successful. I would recommend this trip.

St. Louis, Missouri

Bob and Bea Huskey

Marilyn & David Crocker"Our trip to Ecuador, including the Amazon and the Galapagos was as good as any trip we have ever taken. Juan Francisco and Pablo Marañon are outstanding people who provided us with a memorable experience. Geovanny Sarigu made our stay on the Galapagos unique. Although we did not see more than one island, we saw more on that one island than almost any body else would. The interraction we had with our "guides" and the people of Ecuador was wonderful. We would definitely return to Ecuador and do it in association with Ecuador For All".

Toronto, CANADA

Marilyn & David Crocker


Dear Juan,

I am writing to congratulate you on such a wonderful service. As a Director of Wings on Wheels, I have been organising and operating small, escorted group holidays around the world for people with physical disabilities for over 13 years now from the UK.

I organised a group holiday to Ecuador in January 2011 and brought 10 clients, of those 9 were wheelchair users, 2 had to be tied down on the coach everywhere we went and this is a lot of work for the staff involved. There was one client with her own carer, 1 group carer and myself accompanying these guests. The work you made the whole trip (which included a night in Quito at the beginning, then travelling to San Pablo Lake for 2 nights, then on to Tena and Huasquila Lodge for 3 nights, then back to Quito for 2 nights with excursions almost every day) was exhausting for all of you and very gratefully appreciated by me and the group.

Never before, have I ever seen such dedication and commitment on the levels you and your staff give to their clients, indeed, it is a breath of fresh air to know I can deal with someone like minded to myself. You and I know how important it is to get things right for these people to be able to enjoy their time away, taking out any worries and concerns they may have about travelling, especially to third world countries and in the case of Ecuador into the jungle. My clients had complete peace of mind that everything possible was done for them and this much enhanced their holiday.

The fact that you travel with your clients and are there for them 24/7, like me is enormously appreciated. It meant that I had the stress of looking after all these people in a strange country taken off my shoulders because you and your team were there to support me all the way.

Juan, you have a wonderful product, a wonderfully supportive family and working team and the fact that you, like I have a small company that can dedicate themselves to their clients is great. The bus driver is fabulous, helping in every way he can with the loading, unloading, tying in wheelchairs, stopping when needed, even helping at meal times, toilet stops and he goes out of his way to help even helping to get people into the swimming pool at Huasquila Lodge !!! Likewise the guide.

Pablo has a fantastic product at Huasquila Lodge with all those fully accessible rooms with loads and loads of space to mover wheelchairs around. I have never seen such large bathroom areas anywhere and this is really great when you have to help people shower. There can be 2 carers, the person in the wheelchair, a hoist etc. all in a small area making it virtually impossible to cope but here these problems are overcome.

The jungle chairs are a great idea, making them into rickshaws enables you to manoeuvre people over rough terrain, in the jungle, up the steep mud hills at the indigenous village etc. Indeed, the fact that you had so many aids to hand was wonderful and not expected in the Amazon! The fact the lodge is run by your parents and other family members are present, including the children gives a wonderfully, homely, friendly atmosphere, very relaxed and easy to work in.

I look forward to being able to bring future groups to Ecuador and exploring more of the country with you and your excellent team soon. In the meantime, Juan, please pass my and the groups thanks to all concerned for such a wonderful holiday and experience.

Anyone wishing to see Ecuador should book through you. They would have no problems as you and your family’s attention to detail, dedication and commitment are second to none.

Kindest regards,


Mrs. Jean Burdett


Navigating accessibility in your hometown or abroad can be challenging, and sometimes this challenge takes some of the fun and spontaneity out of your vacation. We've tried to do it on our own, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. When we decided to travel to Ecuador, we decided that we wanted help to ensure that we had an amazing adventure. Through our search we found Ecuador for All.

Brian & Jennifer LawsonWe're adventurous urban people and like to stretch the bounds of accessibility at every chance possible. We wanted to experience the culture of the highlands region, eat at local non-tourist restaurants, stand on the edge of a volcano, see a cultural exhibit, and yes, stop and smell the roses. Quito is a city in development with many newly constructed accessible features such as curb cuts and ramps to many attractions. Sometimes the accessibility options were hard to find on our own, which is why having Juan's assistance was invaluable. During our trip we even learned that many of these initiatives are the direct result of the Vice President of Ecuador, who himself is also a paraplegic!

From the first e-mail our experience was positive. The day that Brian received a call from the rainforest to talk to him about what we wanted to do and what we were interested in, we were hooked! During our stay Juan was available 24/7 to help at any time. His personable nature made it easy to spend the day with him and to navigate any challenges that arose. The people of Ecuador were friendly, curious, and always willing to point out accessible entrances or to accommodate us in any way possible.

While we chose to visit the Highlands region on our first visit, we are absolutely planning to come back again, and will do so with the help of our new friends from Ecuador for All.

We hope you have as much fun on your adventure as we did on ours!

Best Regards

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brian & Jennifer Lawson



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